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Optimizing Hearing Aid Performance: Understanding MPO Adjustment

When it comes to fitting hearing aids for individuals with hearing impairments, one crucial but often overlooked step is controlling the maximum sound output of the device, known as MPO (Maximum Power Output) adjustment. It plays a significant role in ensuring comfortable listening for the wearer. In this article, we will explore the meaning of MPO in JINGHAO‘s hearing aid fitting and debugging, its relationship with UCL (Uncomfortable Threshold), and the importance of proper adjustment. Additionally, we will discuss when and how to adjust MPO to optimize the performance of hearing aids.

JINGHAO’s Commitment to MPO Adjustment

As a leading provider of hearing aids, JINGHAO understands the significance of MPO adjustment in achieving optimal hearing aid performance. JINGHAO’s range of hearing aids, including their advanced models, offers precise MPO control options, allowing wearers to experience comfortable and customized sound amplification. With a focus on user satisfaction and hearing health, JINGHAO ensures that their MPO hearing aids undergo rigorous testing and calibration to deliver reliable and safe MPO adjustment capabilities.

Understanding MPO and its Role in Hearing Aid Fitting

MPO refers to a hearing aid’s maximum sound output limit, representing its ability to produce amplified sound. It is crucial to control the MPO to prevent sound levels from exceeding the wearer’s discomfort threshold, known as UCL. By adjusting the MPO appropriately, MPO hearing aid professionals can ensure that the amplified sound remains within a comfortable range for the wearer.

The MPO-UCL Relationship

UCL, or the uncomfortable threshold, reflects the intensity at which sound becomes significantly uncomfortable for an individual. Like loud noises such as firecrackers or airplanes can cause discomfort, exceeding the UCL can lead to discomfort or pain for hearing aid wearers. Therefore, it is essential to align the MPO of a hearing aid with the wearer’s UCL to prevent any discomfort or potential harm to their hearing.


Proper MPO adjustment is a critical step in hearing aid fitting and debugging. By aligning the MPO with the wearer’s UCL, hearing aid professionals can optimize the comfort and performance of the device. JINGHAO, as a trusted provider of MPO hearing aids, recognizes the importance of MPO adjustment and offers advanced models with precise control options. With JINGHAO’s commitment to user satisfaction and hearing well-being, wearers can enjoy comfortable and personalized sound amplification, ultimately enhancing their hearing experience.

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