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Revolutionizing Tianlong’s Real-Time PCR: The Gentier 48E PCR System

Welcome to the future of molecular diagnostics with the Tianlong Gentier 48E Real-Time PCR System. This advanced PCR workstation is a testament to innovation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge optical technologies and powerful software to deliver unparalleled reliability and efficiency for all your real-time PCR needs. Let’s delve into the world of the Gentier 48E and discover how it caters to small to medium-sized laboratories, mobile labs, and on-site testing, making experiments easier to conduct and more precise.


Unleashing the Power of Fluorescence

Equipped with four fluorescence channels, the Gentier 48E is designed to process 48 samples in a single test run. This remarkable capability transforms the real-time PCR experience, offering a level of convenience and accuracy that’s second to none. When you demand precise results, this PCR system rises to the occasion.

Efficiency Redefined

One of the standout features of the Gentier 48E is its efficient temperature control. It completes a standard PCR amplification process in just 40 minutes, with temperature accuracy controlled within 0.1℃. When time is of the essence, this system ensures you get your results quickly without compromising accuracy.

A Wealth of Software Solutions

The Gentier 48E PCR workstation doesn’t stop at hardware excellence. Its powerful software analysis capabilities encompass a range of functions, including relative quantification, absolute quantification, melting curve analysis, SNP analysis, and compatibility with other fluorescence analysis functions based on the isothermal amplification technique. This diversity of functions empowers researchers and professionals with the tools they need for comprehensive analysis.

Portability Meets User-Friendliness

The Gentier 48E’s design takes mobility to a new level. It’s small and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for on-site testing. This user-friendly, portable PCR workstation is the embodiment of efficiency and flexibility, ensuring you have the freedom to conduct experiments wherever they are needed.

In conclusion, the Gentier 48E Real-Time PCR System by Tianlong redefines the standards of real-time PCR. With innovative optical technologies, efficient temperature control, powerful software analysis, and a focus on user-friendliness and portability, it’s the go-to solution for laboratories of varying sizes and the demands of on-site testing.

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