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Sub Ohm Vape: A Comprehensive Guide to SMPO’s Innovative Products

In the world of vaping, sub ohm devices have gained immense popularity among enthusiasts for their powerful performance and intense flavor delivery. Among the leading electronic cigarette brands, SMPO stands out for its commitment to simplicity and sophisticated design. In this article, we will explore the concept of sub ohm vape and delve into the revolutionary sub ohm vape products offered by SMPO.

Understanding Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping refers to using vape devices with coils that have a resistance below 1 ohm. This lower resistance allows for higher power output, producing larger vapor clouds and intensified flavor. Sub ohm vaping provides a direct-to-lung (DTL) inhale, making it ideal for experienced vapers seeking a more robust vaping experience.

Exploring SMPO’s Sub Ohm Vape Collection

SMPO DL02 – High Capacity Sub Ohm Disposable Vape

The SMPO DL02 is a game-changer in the world of disposable vapes. With its high-capacity design and sub ohm mesh coil technology, this device delivers superior performance like a true beast. The DL02 boasts an impressive battery life, allowing vapers to enjoy extended sessions without worrying about recharging.

SMPO AMPLE POD KIT – Intelligent Sub Ohm Vaping

For vapers who prefer pod systems, the SMPO AMPLE POD KIT offers an intelligent sub ohm vaping experience. Powered by the innovative CTAP chipset, it ensures the safest and most efficient vaping sessions. Paired with GF Coils, this kit guarantees exceptional flavors and substantial vapor production, all in a sleek and portable design.


In conclusion, sub ohm vaping has revolutionized the vaping experience for enthusiasts seeking powerful performance and intense flavors. As a leading electronic cigarette brand, SMPO has embraced the sub ohm trend with its exceptional range of products. From the impressive SMPO DL02 disposable to the intelligent SMPO AMPLE POD KIT, SMPO continues to redefine simplicity and sophistication in the vaping industry.

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