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The All-in-One Solution for Your Bathroom

Ever wish for an easier way to keep clean in the bathroom without taking up extra space? The new Horow T16A has you covered. This innovative all-in-one toilet bidet combo is changing the way people think about their toilet bidet needs.

Easy to Use Bidet Function

The Horow T16A seamlessly combines a toilet and bidet into a single unit. No need for a separate bidet attachment or taking up extra floor space. Simply sit down like a regular toilet but with the added benefit of a personal cleaning spray. The integrated bidet features adjustable water pressure settings and temperature control so you can get exactly the right spray. Warm water ensures comfort whether its morning or night.

Accessible and Comfortable Design

Accessibility was a top priority in the Horow’s design. The elongated bowl and comfort-height seat make it easy for all users to sit and stand. The heated seat automatically turns on at the push of a button for extra coziness in the winter. A self-cleaning filter keeps the water line always fresh. An automatic lid and polished stainless steel accents complete the clean design.

Simplified Cleaning and Maintenance

Homeowners love how the Horow toilet bidet combo saves space in small bathrooms. Cleaning is simple too, with one device to maintain instead of two.


The Horow may just change your perception of what a toilet can be. Experience an effortless level of cleanliness and convenience without lots of extra bells and whistles. Your bathroom routine just got seamlessly simplified – all with the press of a button on this one versatile fixture.

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