Top 7 Best Gaming Laptops In 2023 – Tech Guide

The best laptop models for gaming change a lot throughout the year. In this article, I have discussed about seven such gaming laptops that are a must-purchase this year – especially if you are into hardcore gaming!

Keep reading till the end to find out more about it!

The Top 7 Gaming Laptops To Purchase In 2023  

Here is a list of the top seven gaming laptops to purchase this year:

#7 HP Victus 15

The HP Victus 15 laptop offers specifications that make it on this list – on the significantly lower end of what gaming laptops have to offer. It possesses an Intel Core processor of the i5-12450H and also a GTX 1650.

Most of the games can be played on this device in medium settings. This laptop also is really ideal to be used for office and school work.

#6 ASUS ROG Strix G-15 Advantage Edition  

The ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition is one such gaming laptop that has both an AMD GPU and an AMD processor. It is also excellent at delivering top-quality performance as compared to the other laptops that contain Nvidia’s top GPUs. It also has a great design and build!

It also has a great battery power experience that you will find very useful when it lets you play games non-stop for long hours.

Tip: I have only discussed about laptops in this article, but if you want to purchase a gaming pc, then the best choice for it would undoubtedly be Alienware Aurora R13. You could even consider installing the amd radeon r9 285 to get an accelerated graphics performance.

#5 Razer Blade 14 

The Razer Blade 14 laptop is a compelling device and apt for gaming. It is 14 inches in size. This portable and slim device includes the RTX 3080 and Nvidia’s RTX 3070. It also possesses a very powerful 8-core AMD chip. Overall, it is a gorgeous device that has a display option of QHD 165Hz and also comes with a classy RGB keyboard.

#4 Razer Blade 17 

If you want that wide-screen experience while playing games, then this laptop would be ideal for you! The Blade 17 is known to deliver the best gaming performance that one can find in a laptop. What makes this laptop so impressive is that it delivers class performance in all of its slim-and-attractive glory.

It is less than 0.8 inches thick when it comes to measurement. It also requires only one charging brick, so it can be carried around in a briefcase or a backpack without making any compromise on power.

This device also has a customizable per-key RGB keyboard that adds a touch of color without being too intense, even for using it in a work setting. This laptop does not really come off cheap, but it should be considered for purchase if you are someone who wants to buy “only the best”.

#3 Dell G15

The Dell G-15 laptop is a dependable choice if you are looking for a gaming companion. The performance of the laptop while handling general tasks and gaming – both are great in the price range that the laptop comes in. It has a screen of 15.6 inches and provides picture quality of FHD (Full High Definition). The device has a storage capacity that expands up to 1TB SSD.

The software that is pre-installed on this device is that of MS Office Home and Student. It has an OS of Windows 11 Home. The laptop runs on the processor of AMD Ryzen 7.

If you are looking for a laptop that is adequately priced and affordable, then you should buy the DELL G-15 laptop.

Tip: You can also consider the Asus 2-in-1 q535 as an alternative to the one gaming pc I mentioned before.

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#2 Alienware X14

The Alienware X14 laptop has a skinny and slim build – if that is something you are looking for, then I would suggest going for this one, as there are no other such thin-built, high-performing laptops available out there!

It has Intel’s latest processors of the 12th generation in it. Also, they come with RTX 3050/ RTX 3060 graphics cards – all of these together provide smooth and seamless framerates even when playing titles that are generally demanding in nature.

It has a storage of 512 GB and which can be expanded up to a storage of 2TB SSD. The device has the following ports – USB Type A, USB Type C, and two USB Type C ports.

#1 MSI Titan GT77 HX

The MSI Titan GT77 HX provides a mix of robust performance from the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 and Intel Core i9-13950HX. This is one of the most powerful laptops for gaming ever to have been made.

The laptop has a display of 17 inches. They also have an added Mini-LED technology, so the 4K – 144Hz display looks fantastic. It is undoubtedly not OLED, but it has a very High definition, clear and bright display. It comes with a Cherry Mechanical keyboard, which is absolutely a pleasure to use and is a form of luxury that quickly doesn’t come with most of gaming laptops these days. The RGB backlighting of the keyboard gives it an overall cool look.

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To Wrap It Up!

Choose the right laptop only after careful speculation of the aforementioned laptops. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.  

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