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Vacuum Fried Chips and Standards in Different Countries

In recent years, vacuum fried chips have gained popularity as a healthier alternative to traditional deep-fried snacks. One company at the forefront of this trend is Kaida Hengye Agriculture, which specializes in producing high-quality vacuum fried chips.

Kaida Hengye Agriculture: Leading the Way

Kaida Hengye Agriculture is a renowned manufacturer of vacuum fried chips. With their advanced technology and strict quality control measures, they ensure that their products meet international standards for taste, texture, and nutritional value.


1. How to make an order?

To place an order with Kaida Hengye Agriculture, customers need to negotiate their requirements and receive a customized quotation. Free samples are provided for confirmation before bulk production begins. Delivery takes place after receiving the final payment.

2. What’s the price?

The price of vacuum fried chips varies depending on factors such as quantity, flavor variants, and packaging options. Customers can contact Kaida Hengye Agriculture directly for detailed pricing information.

3. What’s the MOQ?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for vacuum fried chips from Kaida Hengye Agriculture may vary based on specific product lines or customer preferences. It is advisable to inquire about the MOQ when placing an order.

4. What’s the delivery time?

The production period for vacuum fried chips typically ranges from 10-15 working days at Kaida Hengye Agriculture. The shipping time varies according to different destinations but usually takes around 30-45 days in total.

5.What if goods are damaged?In the unfortunate event that goods are damaged during transportation, customers should contact Kaida Hengye Agriculture immediately. The company will assist in resolving any issues and ensure a satisfactory resolution.

VF Green Radish Crisps

Kaida Hengye Agriculture offers a variety of vacuum fried chips, including VF Green Radish Crisps. These crispy and flavorful snacks are made from fresh green radishes using the vacuum frying technique to retain their natural goodness.

VF Pumpkin Crisps

Another popular option from Kaida Hengye Agriculture is VF Pumpkin Crisps. Made from carefully selected pumpkins, these chips offer a unique taste experience while maintaining their nutritional value through vacuum frying.

VF Potato Chips

Kaida Hengye Agriculture also produces classic VF Potato Chips. Using high-quality potatoes and advanced technology, they create deliciously crunchy chips with reduced oil content compared to traditional deep-fried alternatives.

1/4 Shoestring Frozen French FriesIn addition to vacuum fried chips, Kaida Hengye Agriculture offers 1/4 Shoestring Frozen French Fries. These frozen fries provide convenience without compromising on taste or quality, making them an ideal choice for quick meals or snacks.


Vacuum Fried Chips: A Global Trend with Diverse Standards

The popularity of vacuum fried chips extends beyond borders as consumers worldwide seek healthier snack options. However, it’s important to note that different countries may have varying standards and regulations regarding the production, labeling, and importation of vacuum fried chips. Therefore, it is crucial for manufacturers like Kaida Hengye Agriculture to adhere to these standards when exporting their products.


Vacuum fried chips are a growing trend in the global snack industry due to their healthier profile compared to traditional deep-fried snacks. Kaida Hengye Agriculture stands out as a leading manufacturer in this field, offering a range of high-quality vacuum fried chips that meet international standards. As consumers continue to prioritize health-conscious choices, vacuum fried chips are likely to remain popular worldwide.

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