Mau Binh and How to Play in Details, Experience to Win

Mau soldiers is a folk card game with characteristics of strategy and thinking, and has long been an indispensable part of Vietnamese entertainment culture. So this game at bookmaker New88today What are the rules of the game and how is the money divided? Let’s explore and participate right now.

What is Mau Binh?

Mau Binh is a popular and loved card game in Vietnam, also known as Binh Xap Xam. This game is usually played with a deck of 52 cards and can have 2-4 players.

The goal of mau binh is to arrange cards into suits (phom) to form straight, straight, three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, and mau bid structures, based on specific rules.

To put it simply, the rule of this game is that players need to arrange so that the front limbs are stronger than the back limbs, and at the same time they must be linked together. Players need to have the skills to arrange cards properly and evaluate strategies to achieve higher scores than their opponents.

Mau Binh at bookmaker  New88 is a game that requires high thinking, calculation and tactical consideration, so when playing in large numbers, this is also a way for everyone to exchange cultural and entertainment with each other.

Latest game rules of Mau Binh

To make optimal moves in trading and achieve significant wins, mastering how to play cards is extremely important. So how can you clearly understand each card in this game?

The value of the cards

In the 52 cards, each card consists of two main parts: number and suit. And the true value of the card will be determined by the number and has nothing to do with the suit.

In the value range from Ace to 2, Ace is the card with the highest value in the card, the value decreases from this card to 2. This means that the card with the lowest value is the card. 2.

Branches in the Mau Binh card game

In fact, the rules of Mau Binh are quite easy to understand, but the most difficult thing here is the thinking to be able to arrange the cards in the smartest way. When each player starts, each player will receive 13 cards. The player is asked to divide them into three different genera. In particular, the first two branches each have 5 leaves and the last branch has 3 leaves. After arranging, compare these hands with the hands of other players.

Each turn will only take about 90 seconds and 5 seconds will be the time to compare your hand with the other person’s hand. During these 90 seconds, you need to be really alert to arrange so that your front limbs are stronger than your hind limbs. Otherwise, you will fall into a precarious situation and suffer heavy losses.

In addition, you may be lucky if you own a white Mau Binh card because you will directly win the card without having to compare the card with anyone. In case, in the same game, there is also a player with such strong cards, the chicken will be divided.

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Instructions on basic card arrangement methods in Mau Binh

As  New88 said above, the ability to arrange cards is the most important factor in the game Mau Binh because it requires sophistication and quick thinking. And before participating in real play, you need to clearly understand the order of how to arrange cards depending on the value from low to high as follows:

  • Mau Bi: This is the weakest card when all the cards are not connected to each other in the same branch.
  • Pair: Next is Pair Sometimes in your hand appear two cards with the same number and do not require the same suit to form a pair.
  • Animals: Animals will appear when there are 2 pairs in one of your limbs, but the last limb cannot form an animal.
  • Sam: If your hand appears 3 cards with the same number, it will constitute Sam.
  • Straight: If you own five cards in a row but your last hand cannot create a Straight. In the case of starting with Ace, it will be the smallest straight, but ending with Ace, it will be the largest straight.
  • Flush: If your five cards in a suit have the same suit and no ordering is required, this is a flush, the last suit does not create a flush.
  • Cu Lu: This is a combination of a pair and a sam, except for the last limb.
  • Four of a kind: If four cards of the same number appear in a family, it will form a four of a kind. Note that the last limb does not create four quarters.
  • Straight flush: Possess 5 cards of the same suit and are not in the last suit.
  • Large straight flush: The highest value deck will contain both the straight (5 cards in a row) and the flush. But the important requirement is to have an Ace. The last limb does not need to be in the large hall break box.

A game of Mau Binh will be considered a draw if the cards are the same.

How to calculate money in Mau Binh?

Besides being proficient in the  New88 card arrangement that has been shared, you also need to clearly understand how to calculate money to avoid being overtaken by others.

If you are the winner of a 1-hand bet, the losers will have to give you 1 bet. Just like that, if you win 2 you will get 2 and if you win 3 you will get 3.

In case you lose, your bets will go to the winner. If you lose all 3 hands, you will have to pay three times as much.

Experience playing Mau Binh for new participants

For new players, there are some tips for dealing cards to increase your chances of winning. This bookmaker will share with you some tips below:

Deal cards according to the 3-box method

The player will try to place the flush cards in hand 1 and the strongest pair will be placed in hand 3. Thus, the player will have to accept hand 2 as the weakest.

In case you decide to place the strongest pair in the middle hand, it means you are dealing the cards in a 3-way method. With this way of playing, you will avoid the situation of completely collapsing and losing all three. It’s best to apply if you realize your initial hand doesn’t have a high chance of winning.

Deal cards according to the 3-dao straight

First, you need to understand the concept of the dragon branch to be placed in branch 1. The remaining couples can be divided into the middle or last branch depending on the situation at that time.

Deal cards according to the method of flush / flush / flood – discard

In the first hand, you will arrange your cards in one of three types of boxes/deals/floods. If your second limb doesn’t have any beautiful songs, you don’t need to worry too much.

But if you want to apply this method, you must make sure your last limb is very strong.

Deal cards using the double-card method

In your initially dealt card, you need to find the three strongest pairs and then rank them from weak to strong from number 1 to number 3.

Note that you will only apply this method if your hand does not appear any dragons, barrels or blacks.

Hopefully through the above article, you have the most objective view of the game Mau Binh at  New88. Have you participated in this game full of strategy and thinking? What are you waiting for? Join now to experience the most interesting services at the house.

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